AnD – 23 Minute Warning

For ’23 Minute Warning’, we aligned with their absolutely relentless and unapologetic ethos, continuing the narrative from the recently released video for their track on DSNT005. With an air of paranoia, it is urgent and unrelenting. Channelling a subversive sense of humour and fusing various reference points of underground culture, the result is as intense and as hard- hitting as AnD themselves.

Client: AnD
Services: Film, Art Direction

Concept & Introduction

AnD need little introduction to fans of DSNT, with a number of shows across the years backed up by a hefty remix on DSNT004 and a straight up banger on recently released DSNT005.

The enigmatic (read hard to find on Facebook) duo don’t shy away, staying true to their firmly tongue in cheek ‘GO HARD OR GO HARDER’ spirit that has seen them make closing slots at Awakenings and just about everywhere else their own.

“The battle for consciousness is a war that’s been waged on our minds for centuries, it doesn’t mean to say that we can’t have a laugh at the world of conspiracy theories and not take them too seriously.”

Behind the scenes photography
Moodboard & Visual Development

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